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Tsudome site

On Display '20.1/31 Fri - 2/11 Tue, holiday

(Some attractions are open until 16:00)
Note: Admittance may be stopped early if the area becomes overcrowded.

Four Great Reasons to V isit the Tsudome Site:
1. To enjoy the site that's fun for all ages!
2. To have a unique Hokkaido experience!
3. To mingle with visitors and residents alike!
4. To experience the wonderful food culture of Hokkaido!

Fun Activities

The information here is as of January 2020. It is subject to change.
(Caution): Snow sculptures may be subject to change in size and construction depending on the weather.

Fun Activities1Tube Slide

Number tickets for the tube slider
Number tickets will be handed out to those who wish to use the tube slider on the weekend and holiday.
●First hand-out is from 9:00 AM (2,000 tickets)
●2nd hand-out from 11:00 AM(1,000 tickets)
●3rd hand-out from 1:00 PM (1,000 tickets)
*The first 300 people can line up in the waiting line for the first hand-out each day. Number tickets will be handed out from the 301st person.
*As soon as the users with number tickets are finished the tube slider will be opened to the public.
*For more details, please visit the official website

Fun Activities2Rest House

Fun Activities3Family Tube Slide

Fun Activities4Tunnel Slide

Fun Activities5Snowball Challenger

Fun Activities6Waku Waku Snow Park

Fun Activities7Into the Snow (take a photo of you buried in snow)

Fun Activities8Ice Glass Making Experience

Fun Activities9Observe Snowflakes

Fun Activities10Snow Kick Board

Fun Activities11Into the Snow II (take a photo of you put in the snow cutouts)

Fun Activities12Citizen Snow Sculptures

Fun Activities13˝Snow Object˝ Contest

Fun Activities14Welcome Snow Sculpture

Fun Activities15Ice Slide

Fun Activities16Snow Park Golf

Fun Activities17Sledding Slope

Fun Activities18Snow Kids Adventure

Fun Activities19Mini Snow Footgolf

Fun Activities20Snow Festival Cafe

Fun Activities21Snow Rafting

Fun Activities22Rest House

Fun Activities23Vehicles that Work During the Winter Expo

Indoor Events

The information here is as of January 2020. It is subject to change.

Indoor EventsATsudome Stage

Indoor EventsBIndoor paid attractions Kids Park

  • Mega Slide Titan (inflatable slide)
  • Air Time Run

Indoor EventsCTsudome Hot Cafe

Indoor EventsDSnow Education Squar

Simple experiences and virtual reality simulation of winter sports are possible.

Indoor EventsEPR Spaces&Support Company Spaces

Indoor EventsFTemporary Baggage Room

Indoor EventsGSnow Festival Teahouse Yoshikawa

Indoor EventsHTsudome Relaxing Hideaway Restaurant & Café

Indoor EventsIHokkaido Gourmet Fair

Wrap your taste buds around delicious, famous Hokkaido sweets and gourmet foods, such as ramen, zangi, and Jingisukan.

Indoor EventsJPokémon Branch Office

Indoor EventsK[Dinosaurs] and [Food] Special Boothes

【Tsudome Site Cautionary Items】

◎Content, specifications and site layout for attractions are subject to change.
◎Reception is subject to end early depending on congestion in the site, and or poor weather conditions.
◎Sleds cannot be taken to indoor facilities.
◎Restrooms inside the Arena tend to get crowded, so please try to use the outdoor restrooms as much as possible.
◎Please watch your step; it is very slippery inside the site.
◎Administration Headquarters, Information Center and Lost Child Center will handle any incidents of lost Child, and will make an announcement over the loudspeakers throughout the site.
◎In relation to lost property, inquire at the headquarters or information centers (tel. 011-787-5000).

    • 禁煙

    There is no smoking inside the venue. Smoking areas are not provided.

    • 風船禁止
    • ドローン禁止

    Drones and balloons are not allowed inside the site.

    • ペット連れ込み禁止

    Pets are not allowed inside the site.

    • 駐車場無
    • 送迎・乗降禁止

    Public parking is not available so please use public transportation or the shuttle bus.

    • バスについて

    Passengers on the sightseeing bus or chartered group bus can only board or deboard the bus.

    • 障碍者駐車場

    You need to present a physical disability certificate (the original) when using handicapped parking lots (7 spaces). You cannot use it with a rehabilitation certificate or mentally handicapped certificate. *Please note that there are limited number of the parking