The making of snow sculptures

When comparing to traditional buildings, how are these large snow sculptures, which are about four to five stories tall, made?
We will take a close look at the process of making the large snow sculptures for the Sapporo Snow Festival.

  • 1

    Snow Collecting

    Clean snow is collected at snow dumping sites around Sapporo.

  • 2

    Snow Piling

    The snow is brought to the sites. It takes approximately 600 truckloads of snow to make one large snow sculpture.

  • 3

    Scaffolding Assembly

    Scaffolding is erected and the hauled snow is piled up using large heavy machinery.

  • 4

    Foundation Building

    Once piled, the snow foundation is laid down and left to settle for a few days in order to stabilize the snow.

  • 5

    Rough Sculpting

    After the snow is stabilized, the rough sculpting process is carried out.

  • 6

    Detailed Sculpting

    Afterwards, the detailed sculpting process is started.

  • 7

    Night Work

    Fine detailing is done at night.

  • 8

    General Completion

    The snow sculpture is almost complete, but the real work begins now.

  • 9

    Finishing Touches

    The detailed finishing touches are carried out by adding parts that were prepared in advance.

  • 10


    The snow sculpture is now complete and ready to be enjoyed by everyone.

2024 Sapporo Snow Festival ended. The information in this page is for the year 2024 (74th). The next festival (Odori and Susukino venues) is scheduled from February 4 (Tuesday) to 11 (Tuesday, national holiday), 2025. The details of Tsudome Venue have not yet been determined.