Sapporo Citizen Snow Sculpture Production

What is the Sapporo Citizen Snow Sculpture event?

The Citizen Snow Sculpture event has been held since 1965 (the 16th Sapporo Snow Festival), allowing citizens to participate in the Snow Festival while enjoying making snow sculptures in the severe cold unique to northern Japan. Each year, the number of applicants far exceeds the maximum number of entries, and the snow sculptures designed by each group are very popular making great photo spots for citizens and tourists alike. Why not try your hand at making your own snow sculpture?

The Sapporo Citizen Snow Sculpture Contest at the 71st Sapporo Snow Festival 1st to 3rd Prize Winning Works

  • 1


    5×10 CC

  • 2

    3人で「ONE TEAM」


  • 3



  • Previous 1st Prize Winners

    • 第70回(2019年) 1位

      大坂なおみ dance with 「U・S・A」 / きたきつね
    • 第69回(2018年) 1位

      トイストーリーマニア! / K Club

    • 第68回(2017年) 1位

      マリオとクリボー / KOGAMI Club

    • 第67回(2016年) 1位

      ルーティーン / きたきつね

    • 第66回(2015年) 1位

      大泉 羊 / 木曜そうでしょう