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On Display '20.2/4 Tue-11 Tue,holiday

Lights will be turned off 23:00.
*The final day (2/11 (Tue, holiday)) of the festival at 22:00.

Nishi 4-chome Avenue between Minami 4 Jo-dori, and Minami 7 Jo-dori ( Ekimae-dori)
No. of ice sculptures:
Sponsored by 40th Susukino Ice World Executive Committee
Main Office:
Nanko Bldg. 4F Minami 5 Jo Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku Office
Susukino Tourism Association (Minami 8 Jo Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku)

On a theme of "Finding Delight in Ice," numerous magical ice sculptures can be seen, as well as touched and climbed. Take a walk down Illumination Road, a popular spot for photos, or stop in the Ice Bar and warm up with a hot drink. Besides the attractions mentioned, there are also exciting events such as the photo session with the Ice Queen, an event unique of Susukino.

The information here is as of January 2020. It is subject to change.


  • Opening Ceremony
    feb. 4 (Tue)18:00 ‒ In front of the Main Ice Sculpture (S4, Susukino Lafiler)
  • Ice Queen Photoshoot Event
    Feb. 5 (Wed) - Feb. 11 (Tue, holiday)19:00-, 21:00(every 30 min.) inside festival venue
  • Ice Sculpture Contest
    Feb. 4 (Tue) 14:30 ‒ Feb. 5 (Wed) 10:30 Award Ceremony: Feb. 5 (Wed) 11:00, in front of the Main Ice Sculpture (S4, Susukino Lafiler)
  • Voting for the best sculpture
    During the festival (Ballot boxes are installed at Five locations on the site.)
  • Closing Ceremony
    Feb. 11 (Tue , holiday) 21:45- In front of the Main Ice Sculpture (S4, Susukino Lafiler)