The 72nd Sapporo Snow Festival, scheduled in 2021, is currently under consideration to be held at a reduced scale and without large snow sculptures.

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Odori Site


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there will be no large snow sculptures exhibited.

The highly popular skate rink from years past will return again to Odori 1 chome! 20 meters from east to west, and 17.5 meters from north to south, it can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family. While it's open, many stage events will also be performed!
Rental shoes are available so anyone can try skating. In the evening, the TV Tower and tree are lit up, illuminating the area with a romantic soft glow.



To be determined

Under the theme of 'Enjoy the Ice', this site offers a fantastic ice sculpture show and the Ice Sculpture Contest. You can also visit the plaza, 'Fureai Hiroba' to touch or ride on the ice sculptures, take photos in the Illumination Street, or have hot drinks at the Ice Bar.

Tsudome Site


To be determined

The community dome, Tsudome is the second largest site of the Sapporo Snow Festival. This site includes very large snow slides and a snow rafting area outside the dome where a person of any age can have a snow-ice experience. Inside the dome, there are plenty of attractions for children and you can take a break or have refreshments in the spacious rest area. It's a place where you can really enjoy the wonders of Hokkaido in winter.
※Please use public transportation or shuttle bus to Tsudome site. There is no parking lot for private cars and motorbikes.

OrganizersCity of Sapporo, Sapporo Tourist Association, Sapporo Board of Education,
Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
AdministratorThe Sapporo Snow Festival Executive Committee
Co-operatorJapan Ground Self Defense Force; the Northern Army; the 11th Brigade
SponsorsHokkaido, Hokkaido Tourism Federation, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press, The Asahi Shimbun Company; Hokkaido branch, The Mainichi Newspapers; Hokkaido branch, The Yomiuri Shimbun; Hokkaido branch, The Nikkei inc: Sapporo branch, The Hochi Shimbun; Hokkaido branch, The Hokkaido Nikkan Sports News, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press Sports, The Sports Nippon Newspapers; Hokkaido general office, NHK Sapporo, HBC (Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), STV (Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), HTB (Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), UHB (Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), TVh (Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), AIR-G' FM Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd., FM North Wave, J:COM Sapporo

The making of snow sculptures

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Ongoing Snow Sculpture Production

Dress for comfort

Odori Site/Susukino Site
February in Sapporo can be extremely cold. A warm hat, muffler, gloves, and thick coat or down jacket are indispensable. Be sure to also protect against the cold with thermal innerwear, tights, etc. Road surfaces can be slippery so shoes with non-slip soles are a good choice. We also recommend shoe non-slip cleat attachments, which are available at convenience stores, etc.
Tsudome Site
The Tsudome site features special participatory activities such as snow slides and a snow rafting. For here, we recommend highly insulated and easy-to-move-in clothing such as ski and snowboard wear. Also, don't forget hats and gloves. For small children, one-piece snow suits help keep out snow at the waist.

The History

The first Sapporo Snow Festival was held in Odori Park in 1950, with only six snow statues made by local high school students. Beyond all expectations, the festival attracted about fifty thousand people and soon became a major winter event of Sapporo.

International Snow Sculpture Contest

9teams, from various regions of the world, have participated in this year's contest.
The contest site, filled with a variety of snow statues, have created a remarkable international atmosphere.
The participants and the public have enjoyed positive cultural exchanges and have developed new friendships.
Here is the result of the contest: The winning team is Thailand.

Snow Festival Poster Archive

A look at the history of the Sapporo Snow Festival, which has continued to evolve over more than 70 years.