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Beware of fake website of Sapporo Snow Festival official website.

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Currently, a fake website spoofing the Sapporo Snow Festival official website has been
found on the Internet.
Since there is a risk to get damages once you access to the fake site, please make sure
the homepage address on the browser when you use the official website.
If you find any spoofing website of Sapporo Snow Festival, please report it via our contact
site. (

1. Overview of the fake website
The fake website is created by copying from our original site. The purpose of the fake site
is unknown, but since it may cause damages such as extracting your personal information
illegally, please don’t access to the fake site.
◎ Official Website URL:
× Fake website URL:
(Fake website URL is shown partially. Beware not to access.)
※ As the picture below, the fake website looks exactly same as the official website by
copied from our official website of Sapporo Snow Festival, but URL is different from the
official site.(

2. Measures
We announce and warn the citizens for using the website, file a copyright infringement
against the domain administrator and demand to close the fake site.

2024 Sapporo Snow Festival ended. The information in this page is for the year 2024 (74th). The next festival (Odori and Susukino venues) is scheduled from February 4 (Tuesday) to 11 (Tuesday, national holiday), 2025. The details of Tsudome Venue have not yet been determined.