International Snow Sculpture Contest

"9teams, from various regions of the world, have participated in this year's contest.
The contest site, filled with a variety of snow statues, creates a remarkable international atmosphere.
The participants and the public have enjoyed positive cultural exchanges and have developed new friendships.
Here is the result of the contest: The winning team is Thailand."


AgendaFebruary 2, 2020 (Sunday) to February 7 (Friday)
siteODORI SITE 11chome International Square
ScheduleOpening Ceremony, February 3 (Monday), until production start February 3 (Monday) to February 6 (Friday)
February 7, 2020 (gold) Review Board, awards ceremony

46th International Snow Sculpture Competition examination results

Betta Brilliance - The Beauty and Strength of Thailand
Sharing Prosperity
Third PrizeChina:Perfect World
Fourth PrizeFinland:METSÄNPEITTO "Kamikakushi"
Fifth PrizeKorea:bubble

The 46th International Snow Sculpture Contest Participating Teams

Perfect World

The paper-cut girl cuts out the beautiful nature. The work shows that people yearn for the harmony between human and nature, and they are longing for a perfect world.

Wang NingCivil Servant, Division Chief of Harbin Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affiar Office
Su ShiArtist
Guo JingfengArtist

Daejeon Metropolitan City (Korea)

I expressed the soap bubbles of the child's. Put children's dreams, hopes, and innocence into the growing bubbles of soap and pray for the happiness and joy of our family.

Kim Mi-KyoungSculptor
Shin KwangcheolSculptor
Lee SungyongSculptor

METSÄNPEITTO "Kamikakushi"

In the tales of the old, it was told, one may fall into the forest' hold. Metsänpeitto, it was called, a space unfamiliar, the great unknown. Fallen ones they turned to trees, they couldn't move, they couldn't breathe. From the outside, it must have seemed like hidden by gods "Kamikakushi", like swallowed by trees.

Anna KoivukangasVisual Artist
Ella KayhkoVisual Artist
Katja DianoffVisual Designer


As we ride a nice wave into a peaceful sunny day, we don't see what danger maybe be just on the side or below us that the day may bring. So just do the right things in Life and it will all be ok...

Dale RadomskiIce Carver
Charles MatsudaIce Carver
Norimitsu Wada-GoodeSushi Chef


Borobudur was constructed in the 9th century and subsequently abandoned following the 14th-century decline of Hindu kingdoms in Java and the Javanese conversion to Islam. Borobudur has since been preserved through several restorations. The largest restoration project was undertaken between 1975 and 1982 by the Indonesian government and UNESCO, followed by the monument's listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site./p>

Giri SubagioChef Artist
Sapto HudoyoArtist
Mulyadi MisjaVisual Artist

Sharing Prosperity

Goddess of Kun Lam, the symbol of kindness and harmony, is one of Macao's popular spots that attract many visitors. Dragon is a traditional mascot of China that symbolizes power, courage and positive energy. With the dragon surrounding the Kun lam Statue, this snow sculpture represents the social harmony and people's prosperity.

Perry YuenDirector of Food and Beverage
Tam Kwok LeungEngineer
Lon Hou InChef

Let's get to know each other

"The sculpture is about the cooperation between Polish and Japanese societies, which being geographically and culturally far away from each other, wants to get closer. It talks about the mutual openness, about building friendships and getting to know each other.
The project is dedicated to commemorating the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan."

Tomasz KolegaSculptor
Piotr ProbaArtist
Marcin BrusArchitect

Uniquely Yours

Just like our DNA, no two person shares the same fingerprint. Even if you try to distort them, it is still uniquely yours.

Loh Tze JooArtist
Edmund ChanArtist
Anton ChenArtist

Betta Brilliance - The Beauty and Strength of Thailand

"Pla Kad" or "Betta Fish" has almost 200 years in Thai history. Pla Kad can be easily found in rice field. Thai people and Pla Kad have deep bond similar to Thai people and a river. The way Pla Kad swims is very dignified but gentle like Thai people. Pla Kad has recently became Thailand's nationlal aquatic animal as it has represented a significant role in Thai people's life.

Kusol BunkobsongsermEmployee
Amnoaysak SrisukEmployee
Kitsana WongtesFreelance