How to make a snow sculpture

Preparing the base

First of all, transport the snow to the site, and then bulldoze the snow to make a firm base which is vital especially for a large snow sculpture to withstand its weight.

Heaping-up-snow begins

Once the base is completed, heaping-up-snow process begins. See the tightly packed snow is heaped up to 7 meters high. It’s a day’s work.

Heaping-up-snow in process

The first part of heaping-up-snow is nearly coming to an end. Wooden panels are installed section by section inside the frame which has been built around the heaped snow. This frame also serves as scaffolding. Now the final part of heaping-up-snow process begins. This time, a crane hoists the snow to fill the frame from above.

Heaping-up-snow ends

The packed snow has completely filled the frame and hardened. The wooden panels are about to be removed from the frame.


After removing the wooden panels, outlining begins. See the obscure contour of the sculpture appearing inside the frame.


Following the outlining, carving begins. At this stage, final coating of snow must be ready.

Carving in details

As the carving progresses, details are added and final coating of snow is given. The work is nearly coming to an end.

Final touch

Now fine adjustment is needed before the completion of the sculpture. When the frame is removed, the sculpture is really coming to life.


The snow sculpture is finally completed.