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Tsudome site Map

About Tsudome site

Opening Dates

February 1 (Thu) ~ February 12 (Mon / Holiday), 2018

Opening Hours

Open every day 9:00 a.m. ~17:00
(Some attractions will be closed at 16:00)


Sapporo Tsudome: (Address: 885-1, Sakaemachi, Higashi-ku, Sapporo)
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Open-air Venue
Visitors can have a snow-and-ice experience through participating in a variety of events at the open-air venue.
Indoor Venue (inside the dome)
 Inside this all-weather dome, a variety of other events with special features of Hokkaido take place. Visitors can also take a break or have refreshments inside the dome.

Concept of Tsudome Site

A place where:
● a person of any age can have fun
● visitors can experience special features of Hokkaido
● visitors can enjoy authentic Hokkaido food
● where visitors can have positive exchanges


Please use public transportation or shuttle bus to Tsudome site.
There is no parking lot for private cars and motorbikes. (Tsudome site is about 800 meters from the Sakaemachi subway station on the Toho line.)
Click here for the information about Shuttle bus service to Tsudome site

Main Events

● Opening Ceremony: 13:00 p.m. ~13:30 p.m. on February 1 (Thu), 2018
● Snow Object Contest: Participants are at work on snow
objects for the contest between 8:30 a.m. and 15:00 on February 1 (Thu)
● Snow Object Contest Award Ceremony: 16:00 p.m.~ 16:30 p.m. on February 1 (Thu)
Click here for the information about the stage events at Tsudome site

Events at Tsudome site

※Reception of some attractions may be closed earlier depending on the number of visitors
※Specification of some attractions may be altered without notice


Tube Slider

Slide on a rubber tube on Tube Slider. This snow slide is approximately 10 meters high and 100 meters long. There are six different lanes to try.
● Not for 3-year-old children and under
● Numbered tickets may be distributed on busy weekends and holidays

Ice Slide  This ice slide for all ages including small children is approximately 5 meters high. There are four different lanes to try.
● Parent and child can slide together on Family Lane (two lanes)
Waku Waku Slider  Slide down the slope on the sled. Waku Waku Slider is approximately 6 meters high and 40 meters long.
● Small children (Not for 3-year-old children and under) can slide on the children’s lanes.
Snowrafting  The snow raft is a small rubber raft pulled along by a snowmobile.

The snow raft is a small rubber raft pulled along by a snowmobile on the snowfield. It is a thrilling attraction.

● Charges: Adults 600 yen / Children (Elementary school children and under) 400 yen
● No age limit

Family Tube Slider

Small children can slide down the gentle slope with a parent on Family Tube slider.

Sled Run

Enjoy sledding with your own sled to this specially prepared safety area.
● Close at 16:00

Mini Snow Foot Golf

Try this new sport, Foot Golf which is a hybrid of soccer and golf.
● You can play six holes of Foot Golf on the expanded two courses.
● Close at 16:00

Snow Strider  Small children can experience the Strider on snow. Special skis are attached on the wheels of this balance bike to slide down the snow field.
● For children between 2 and 5 years of age only
● Snow Strider area is closed at 16:00.
Snow Tunnel Square[new] Small children can enjoy snow here at Snow Tunnel Square. There are three different corners:
① Play with Snow Corner ② Tunnel Slider ③ Snow Tunnel Square
●Close at 16:00
Snowman Labyrinth Wonderland Visitors can add own hand-made snowmen on the approximately 60cm high wall of this labyrinth to make a hand-made snow labyrinth.
Park Golf on Snow Park Golf on Snow is very popular among adults and children alike.
Enjoy playing ‘Park Golf on Snow’ on the expanded 18 courses.
● Free of charge to play.
● Golf things rental charge: 300yen per person
● Reception is closed at 16:00.
Ice Glass-Making Enjoy making your own ice glass.
● Charge: 500yen per glass
● Closed at 16:00
Snowball Challenger Enjoy throwing snowballs at the targets installed in the snowfield.
Into the Snow:
Souvenir Photo Spot
Take a picture of you sinking deep in the snow at this souvenir photo spot.
● Free rental cold weather protection gear is available.
● Closed at 16:00
Into the Snow II:
Souvenir Photo Spot
Take a selfie fitting in a human shaped pit on the snow wall at this souvenir photo spot.
Snow Crystal Watching  Watch the falling snow crystals with a loupe!

Welcoming Snow Statues

The local residents welcome you with the snow statues.
(Presented by The Higashi Ward Welcome Council・Sakaehigashi Joint District Association)

Snow Object Contest

Art club students from the High School League of Hokkaido for Culture, Ishikari Branch, will be at work on snow objects for the contest from 8:30 to 15:00 on February 1 (Thu), 2018.
Visitors can watch how they make snow objects in the contest site.

Sapporo Citizen's Snow Sculptures

The citizens of Sapporo present four snow sculptures.

Snow Festival Stage

A participatory event with Waodori dance will be held here at the Snow Festival Stage, situated next to the Ice Slide.


Hokkaido Gourmet Fair
(Indoor Venue)
A variety of authentic Hokkaido foods are served here. “Hokkaido Gourmet Fair” includes ‘Hokkaido Michi no Eki Fair (Hokkaido Roadside Station Fair)’, ‘Hokkaido Menpaku (Hokkaido Ramen-Noodle Expo.)’ and ‘Hokkaido Soul Food Fair’.
Snow Festival Café (Open-Air Venue) Hot drinks and fast food are served here at this causal cafe outside the dome.
Tsudome Hot Cafe
(Indoor Venue)
  Hot drinks, soft drinks and light meals are served at this indoor cafe.

[EVENTS AT INDOOR VENUE (Inside the Dome)]

Indoor Attraction Zone

Children can have fun with a variety of play equipment here in Indoor Attraction Zone.  ※Please buy the ticket beforehand.

  1. Hokkaido Bouncer [new]
    Have fun with this Hokkaido-shaped inflatable play equipment.
  2. Inflatable Snowman Dome [new]
    Have fun inside this snowman-shaped inflatable dome.
  3. Giant Inflatable Slide, Titan
    Enjoy this thrilling 10 meters high 36 meters long slider.
  4. Screamer [new]
    Have fun with this medium size inflatable slider.
  5. Snow Mountain Climbing [new]
    You can climb up this inflatable wall like bouldering.
  6. Mini Power Shovel Challenge! [new]
    Let’s take out white balls with a mini power shovel.
  7. Snowball Pool [new]
  8. Pipe Slider [new]
    Try this new attraction.
  9. Bungee Trampoline [new]
    Try this opposite Bungee jumping-like attraction.
  10. Inflatable Maze

Stage Zone

Enjoy the entertaining shows including the one performed by popular NHK characters, and Yuru-Kyara Mascot Characters. Special features of Hokkaido are also introduced here at Stage Zone. People of all ages are welcome.

February 1 (Thu): Tsudome Kick Off Big Lottery [new]
February 3 (Sat): Yosakoi-Soran Matsuri Kita Festival in Tsudome [new]
February 4 (Sun): Parent-child Animation Film Hero Festival in Tsudome
February 10 (Sat): Hokkaido White Characters’ Omotenashi Summit [new]
February 12 (Mon/Holiday): NHK ‘Wan Wan Show’

※Please note that the schedule or programs may change

Omotenashi Welcome Zone [new]

Take a break at the Japanese-style teahouse, ‘Cha-dokoro Tsudome-tei’ (provisional name) in the Omotenashi Welcome Zone. At ‘Hokkaido Welcome Counter’, you can not only get multilingual information, but also experience traditional Japanese games or join the virtual reality sightseeing tour in Hokkaido.  

Snow Education Zone [new]

  1. Winter Sports Village
    Fascinating features of winter sports of snow country, Sapporo are introduced at this corner.
  2. Guide to the Snowplow
    Join this in-site guide to learn about snowplow.
  3. Picture book Library of Snow
    Elementary school children and under can read picture books to learn about snow and winter. Picture book reading sessions for children will also be held here.
  4. The Snow Exploration Place of Hokkaido, Tsudome classroom
    Local elementary school children can join and learn curious features about snow in this Tsudome classroom. The classes will be held here in cooperation with the members of Hokkaido Yuki Project who run the website, ‘The Snow Exploration Place of Hokkaido’.
  5. Snow Experience Class, Yuki Kōbō (Snow Workshop)
    Snow-themed workshops will be held here.
  6. Paper KAMAKURA (Paper-made Snow Shelter)
    Sapporo sightseeing video corner, ‘KAMAKURA Vision’ is installed in the form of Paper Dome. Children can have fun with ‘Kiddy KAMAKURA’.

PR Space

Various presentations and demonstrations by the municipalities of Hokkaido and cosponsors take place here.

◎ Please aware that the layout of attractions in Tsudome site may be altered without notice.
◎ Please use public transportation or shuttle bus to Tsudome site. There is no parking lot for private vehicles.
◎ Drones or air balloons are prohibited at Tsudome site.
◎ Please do not take pets with you to Tsudome site.
◎ You are not allowed to enter the indoor venue (inside the dome) with sled.
◎ Smoking is prohibited in Tsudome site except the smoking area in the open-air venue.
◎ Please use the toilet outside. The toilet inside the dome tend to be very crowded.
◎ Please mind the slippery floor in the indoor venue (inside the dome).
◎ In case your child gets lost at Tsudome site, please contact the staff at the administration desk, the information desk or the lost child center. We can make announcements over the public-address system.
◎ In case of lost property, please contact the staff at the administration desk or the information desk.