Odori Site 1~12 chome

1 chome J:COM Square

Skating Rink

The open-air skating rink appears in Odori 1 chōme again this year!
The skating rink measuring 20 meters by 17.5 meters, welcomes all families and free rental ice skates are available for children and adults.
A variety of events are also scheduled at this venue during the festival.
At night, dreamlike illuminations of the TV tower and the trees lining the street will take you to the wondrous space. No wonder why this open-air skating rink is a favorite each year!

※The skating rink may not be open when the weather condition is unfavorable.

Date of the Event

January 31 (Thu) ~ Feb. 3 (Sun) 10:00~20:00
February 4 (Mon) ~ Feb. 11 (Mon/ Holiday) 9:00~21:00

Charge for 60 min. (incl. tax)
※You are not allowed to stay
for over 60 minutes.

Adults 1,000yen, Children 500yen
(Sapporo citizens: Adults 500 yen, Children 300yen)
(Free rental ice skates 16cm~31cm are available)


Hokkaido Food Square at Sapporo TV Tower Venue

The 1 chōme Sapporo TV Tower venue introduces tourist attractions related to Sapporo and Otaru. You can also get popular local food of both cities from the Gourmet Booth or the Kitchen Car. In front of the Gourmet Booth, there is a spacious tent which offers you a warm place to enjoy the delicious food.


2chome Mirai yuki Square

Experience the World’s First ‘AR Snow Statue of Snow Miku’ with your Smartphone App! [Medium-sized Snow Sculpture]

Experience the World’s First ‘AR Snow Statue of Snow Miku’ with your Smartphone App!

Virtual Snow Miku, along with the theme song for 2019, pops out of the snow statue of herself to lift the audience. Experience the lively snow statue of Snow Miku through AR technology!

3chome HTB PARK AIR Square

Shiroi Koibito PARK AIR Jump


Top class snowboarders and free style skiers from Japan take to the large jump hill twenty-four meters high and sixty meters long with a maximum grade of 39 degrees. Besides the ski and snowboard tournaments there are junior jump sessions, night sessions and a mogul session on the specially constructed course. Enjoy observing powerful and exiting jumps!

Official Website: http://www.htb.co.jp/parkair/

4chome STV Square

HARD ROCK Family Live ~ Hatsune Miku & Toyama Kasumi on Snow Stage ~ [Large Snow Sculpture]

For this year’s large snow sculpture, we give a concrete shape to ‘what you can’t see’! In other words, ‘the joy of music’! We share not only sensation and sympathy as expressed through music, but also ‘joy’ in the same way as family members share happiness.

For this occasion, worldwide virtual singer, Hatsune Miku with a Hokkaido shaped guitar, and Toyama Kasumi of Poppin’ Party band from the Japanese multimedia franchise, ‘BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party!’ express ‘the joy’ and ‘the fabulousness’ of music. They perform a special music session before a backdrop of the winter scenery of Sapporo.

Construction of the snow sculpture is undertaken by the Ground Self Defense Force; the 11th Artillery Unit, the 11th Reconnaissance Unit and the 11th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Company, who have been continuously making fantastic works. Surely, the overwhelming impact and delicate details of the snow sculpture created by their craftsmanship based on many years of experience will invite all the visitors to the fantastic realm of the Hard Rock Family Live.

What’s more — the shows by high quality audio-visual projection mapping take place after dark. Let’s groove to their singing voices and completely absorbed by their hard rock band sound!

©BDP ©CraftEgg ©BUSHI ©CFM All Rights Reserved.
Co-sponsored by:Hard Rock JAPAN, Inc. Planning of the Snow Sculpture by:STV

5chome East  Dōshin Snow Square

Thoroughbreds Galloping Across a Field in Hokkaido[Large Snow Sculpture]

Thoroughbreds Galloping  Across a Field in Hokkaido © The Hokkaido Shimbun Press
© The Hokkaido Shimbun Press

Hokkaido is a major producer of thoroughbred racehorses. Hokkaido’s Hidaka and Iburi regions account for 98 percent of thoroughbreds foaled in Japan and have produced numerous fine racehorses. The thoroughbreds born in Hokkaido are trained in a vast expanse of land into strong racehorses with the attentive care of their owners, producers, trainers and stable keepers, and are extremely well regarded by horse racing fans in Hokkaido and elsewhere in Japan.

On September 6, 2018, a powerful earthquake hit Hokkaido’s eastern Iburi region, resulting in substantial loss of life and the disruption of the lives of local residents as the quake triggered a blackout that left the entire prefecture without electricity. In most parts of Hokkaido, people have regained normalcy in their lives, but in the worst-affected areas there are still people who are inconvenienced by the damage caused by the quake. For this reason, we hope to convey the vibrancy the entire Hokkaido had before the quake to send positivity to disaster victims with the hope that their lives return to normal soon.

This large snow sculpture features a couple of thoroughbreds galloping against a backdrop of the Sapporo Clock Tower, the statue of Dr. William Clark at the Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, and the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (AKA Red Brick Office). It represents our hope to overcome difficulties and move forward, stronger than before, like the racehorses grown big and strong in the harsh natural environment of Hokkaido.

5chome West  Mainichi Newspapers Ice Square

Taiwan – Yushan and The Kaohsiung Railway Station [Large Ice Sculpture]

Taiwan – Yushan and The Kaohsiung Railway Station ©THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS

Yushan, also known as Mt. Jade, situated in the central-southern region of Taiwan. It is the highest mountain in Taiwan with an altitude of 3,952 meters. Yushan and its surrounding area was designated as a Natural Ecological Reserve of Taiwan and it is a popular tourist destination where beautiful nature and rich wild habitats coexist. On February 7, 2014, the friendship mountain treaty was signed between Yushan and Mt. Fuji of Japan.

The Old Kaohsiung Railway Station, originally built in 1940, had been playing a role as a gateway to Kaohsiung City and a familiar landmark for many. Even after the decision was made to build a new railway station due to the opening of the Taiwan High-Speed Rail line and the subway line, the local Kaohsiung City government received a large number of public voices to preserve this beautiful old station building. Consequently, the old station building, weighs 3,500 tons in total, was relocated to a new site 82.6 meters east-southward from the original site by dollies placed underneath after the fourteen days operation from August 16, 2002. Today, The Old Kaohsiung Railway Station was reborn as The Kaohsiung Vision Museum, and stands as a symbol of the city. What is more, the old station building is due to be combined with the new station building to become an entrance in the future.

6chome Citizen’s Square

Life [Medium-sized Snow Sculpture]

Life  © Hokkaido Sapporo Hiragishi High School; Design & Art Course
© Hokkaido Sapporo Hiragishi High School; Design & Art Course

Contrast between light and shade - depending on the angle from which it is viewed, different kinds of animals appear. This snow sculpture has a life of its own. What animals can you see?

Hokkaido Food Square

A variety of delicious authentic Hokkaido food is all here at 6 chōme venue!
Enjoy the winter gourmet food of Hokkaido which will warm your heart and body!

7chome  HBC Finland Plaza

Helsinki Cathedral [Large Snow Sculpture]

Helsinki Cathedral
2019 Sapporo Snow Festival Helsinki Cathedral
©Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd.


7 Chome HBC Venue is a plaza where friendship and cultural exchange with countries all over the world can be deepened.

This time, with the theme of the Republic of Finland, the beautiful Nordic country with which this year marks the 100th anniversary since establishing diplomatic relations with Japan, we will produce a giant snow sculpture of Helsinki Cathedral (Helsingin tuomiokirkko), which stands almost in the middle of the capital city Helsinki.

Known as St. Nicholas’ Church until Finland’s independence in 1917, Helsinki Cathedral, with the beautiful contrast of its white outer walls, green domes, the apostles’ images on the roof, and the splendid relief on the outer walls, is a most impressive metropolitan landmark. German Carl Engel designed it, and afterwards his successor Ernst Rollman inherited the construction work, completing it as a Neoclassical structure in 1852.

The Japan Self Defense Force Northern Army Signal Group will use their expertise to reproduce the glamour of the building to represent not only Helsinki but the country of Finland.

※Production of Large Snow Sculpture Model and Large Snow Sculpture /Japan Self Defense Force Northern Army Signal Group

8chome Snow HTB Square

Wholehearted Transportation Service ~ Red Bear, running day after day [Large Snow Sculpture]

Wholehearted Transportation Service ~ Red Bear, running day after day

The potatoes and the onions you find in supermarkets might be sent from the farmers in Hokkaido and delivered by Red Bear.

Total distance of approximately 500 freight trains operated each day, on the railway system linking 242 freight stations across the country, which is equivalent to five times the distance around the Earth. JR Freight (or Japan Freight Railway Company) is the only freight railway company in Japan to transport industrial supplies which are important prop of our economy, and daily commodities nationwide.

The Bo-Bo-Bo wheel arrangement locomotive types, ‘The Class DF200’ (nicknamed Red Bear) and ‘the Class EH800’ carry freight cars with reddish-brown containers and tank containers. The freight trains are operating the railway system from the north to the south across the country each day. You can’t normally see inside the container, but each container is able to carry 250 boxes of 20kg weigh potatoes, or 336 cases of 24 bottles of 500ml PET bottle. What is more, about 40% of potatoes and 70% onions produced in Hokkaido are transported by freight train to Honshu, the main island of Japan.

As a supporter of ‘modal shift’ to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions which contribute to the global warming, JR Freight is not only working on punctuality and systematic mass transportation to change the way of transportation, but also cooperating with the truck load transportation companies to transport and deliver goods for the customers in a most effective way as possible. JR Freight transports customers’ precious goods wholeheartedly day after day.

This impressive large snow sculpture featuring the Red Bear looks forward to meeting you all. It is produced by HTB (Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) in cooperation with the Sapporo Snow Festival Large Snow Sculpture Producing Committee, Ground Self Defense Force; Third Snow Sculpture Producing Unit. They will be working on this snow sculpture for 28 days from January 7 to February 3.

9chome Citizen’s Square

Hyakki Yagyō (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons)[Medium-sized Snow Sculpture]

Hyakki Yagyō (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons)


A Yosakoi Sōran dancing team, ‘Tesuku & Matsurinchu’consists of the university students mainly from Hokkaido University.

Under the theme ‘Hyakki Yagyō’, the team members perform Yosakoi Sōran.
Here, the snow sculpture expresses a night parade of one hundred demons.

Precious Friends [Medium-sized Snow Sculpture]

Precious Friends


Hokkaido has been witnessing various heart-wrenching incidents not only in the past, but also in the present day including the disasters occurred this year. Precisely for this reason, we all must live side by side in harmony no matter how different we are, ethnically or biologically. We carve traditional Ainu patterns around the stage for this occasion to express our sincere gratitude and deep respect to the native Ainu people. We wish all lives will be in good hands, and sparkle with happiness. Friends are always with you, so you are not alone.

10chome UHB Family Land

To celebrate the release of “Star Wars EPISODE Ⅸ”
“White STAR WARS 2019” [Large Snow Sculpture]

‘White Star Wars 2019’ in Commemoration of ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’
©2019 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

It’s been 41 years since the first ever STAR WARS movie, “Star Wars EPISODE Ⅳ A New Hope” was released in Japan, in 1978.
“Star Wars EPISODE Ⅸ ” finally comes out at the end of 2019.

To celebrate its much-anticipated release, the Sapporo Snow Festival, which has already featured STAR WARS-themed Large Sculptures twice in the past, will for the first time include a Participative Large Snow Sculpture (Odori Park 10 chome UHB Family Land).

This will feature the much-loved STAR WARS double-act of C-3PO and R2-D2 and, from the latest trilogy, there’ll be the popular character, BB-8, along with the Porgs, who gained huge popularity when they appeared in the “Last Jedi”. It goes without saying that Han Solo’s beloved Millennium Falcon (now in Rey’s possession) will be a major part of the exhibit.

One of the highlights, though, is that visitors can actually board and take photos on a Resistance X-Wing Fighter - Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter, no less. (*If necessary, this will be ticketed.)

It’s the first time in the long history of the Sapporo Snow Festival that visitors will actually be able to climb up and get on one of the Large Snow Sculptures.

So why not jump into an X-Wing Fighter and join Poe Dameron, Rey and BB-8 as they take on Kylo Ren’s First Order!
It’ll be the STAR WARS memory of a lifetime!
May the force be with you.

Giant Cup Noodles Slide [Medium-sized Snow Sculpture]

Small children can enjoy this snow slide decorated with a giant Cup Noodles.

11chome International Square

The 46th International Snow Sculpture Contest

Nine teams from various regions of the world will participate in this year's contest. The contest site will be filled with a variety of snow sculptures and snow statues.

Click here for the International Snow Sculpture Contest website

Snow Miku (Hatsune Miku): Snow Princess Ver. [Small Snow Sculpture]

What is Snow Miku (Hatsune Miku)?
‘Snow Miku’ is a character who enlivens Hokkaido. Snow Miku was created as a pure white snow sculpture of ‘Hatsune Miku’ for the Sapporo Snow Festival held in 2010. Since then, ‘SNOW MIKU festival’ featuring ‘Snow Miku’ as a main character has been held in Hokkaido every year. The costume design has been selected in an online competition on different themes every year, and the theme for 2019 is ‘the princess with the image of Hokkaido snow.’ ‘Snow Miku’ livens up Hokkaido this winter, together with all of the creators.

Food Corner

Enjoy a variety of Hokkaido food with a view of the snow sculptures made for the international snow sculpture contest. You can also try local beverage such as Sapporo beer and Pokka Sapporo drinks here.

Russia/ Akkeshi/ Furano etc.

12chome Citizen’s Square

Citizens’ Snow Sculptures

Come take a look at the unique snow sculptures made by citizens of Sapporo here at the Citizens' Square.